Forget Feathers, Could Hair Bling be the next big hair trend in Miami?

On Monday, I got an email from the owner of Dollface Extensions about a new trend she wanted me to come and check out. The trend is called crystal hair extensions. As soon as she forwarded me a picture of them, I fell in love and had to get them in the same day especially since it was my last day of Swim Week. The installation took less than a minute. All she did was attach a hair extension matching my hair color with them on. She uses special pliers to put a link that will hold the extension on my hair. Two strands cost me $20. Supposedly, they can last up to to weeks. We shall see. What I can say is that people that see me with them, absolutely love them & I personally think they’re great for a night out on the town. To get blinged out: Contact Jessica Garcia at 786.255.0094 or check out her FACEBOOK PAGE:

BLINGED OUT: I may not have a rock on my finger, but I got plenty on my locks. 


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