The Life a Journalist During Swim Week 2012 in Miami

I was hoping to keep blogging while I was covering Mercedes Benz Swim Week 2012, but I was overwhelmed with deadlines and running on 4 hours of sleep every night. Insanity right? I know. Yet, I have to admit I loved every minute of it. Well, almost. The heat and torrential downpours and stressed out publicists I could’ve done with out. The fashion, the designer interviews, the style-setters, parties, celebrities and swag bags, were all unforgettable this year. My official assignments kicked off Wednesday and finished up this past Tuesday. While I’d love to give you some fashion recaps, I decided I’d give you links to the publications so you can read about them. Here’s one link: On my blog, you can see my personal day 2 experience where I covered Beach Bunny, White Sands Australia, Poko Pano & WildFox’s debut.

BEACH BUNNY: Posing with fellow blogger friend Susset Cabrera ( Miami Sazon & Beats)

GOING TO THE CHAPEL: Kate Upton in Beach Bunny. The swimsuit line debuted their bridal collection. The rest of the line was the usual: stripes, lacy and lots of jeweled embleshing.

SHADY LADY: Fashion Wire Press’ Ed Kavishe and I at Poko Pano posing in Glazis glasses. I met the owner there and he gifted me with these. The homegrown label was in most swag bags. 

PINA COLADA: Pineapples were a popular print at the Poko Pano show as were palm fronds.

CORAL VISION: I’m in love with this photo I took and with this sheer flowy Poko Pano caftan.

BLACK SWAN: White Sands Australia was all about combining ballerina looks and zebra prints.

ENCORE ENCORE: This show was worth a standing ovation and one of my favorites.

TRIO TIME: Myself, David Jon Acosta (Gold Saturn Designer) & writer Joseph Daniel Lasik.

FOXY LADY: The Wild Fox presentation took place in a penthouse at The Raleigh. It was more of hipster party than a presentation. Love the fact that swag bags here included the cutest hot pink Wild Fox tee.


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