Baubles, Bubbles and Beauty in Miami


Bauble maker extraordinaire Tiffany Ortiz is one of Miami’s most beloved up and coming jewlery designers. So when she asked me to model in her newest collection with blogger buddy, KellyKloset, I was all about it. Her line called TAudrey captures the 305’s spirit and style with a douse of inspiration from one of Ortiz’s idols: Audrey Hepburn (it’s pretty obvi in the photos, right ?). Well, participating in the shoot was very special for me, I’ve been a fan of her line since inception in 09 and being part of something homegrown is always amazing for me.

Take a look at the pics and check out my faves down below

My current faves from Taudrey:  King Tut Studs and the Beauty Bangle Set . Plus, I can’t enough of her whimiscal pendants and trendy pieces with South Florida flair.  

taudreyn2 tiffany4

taudrey3 tiffany1


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