Instagram Gets Miami Designer Coachella Fans Overnight

I live on all my social media networks. As a writer, you can always find some of the best upcoming fashion designers and trends especially in Miami. That’s exactly how I came across 25-year-old architect Carli Pino’s insanely cool friendship bracelets. And guess what, so did plenty of Coachella fans. In just 48 hours of her posting her hand-made creations, Pino was pouring long hours after work (she’s actually an architect by day) into making orders for Miami festival goers and all the way to California too. Crazy huh? What started off as a stress reliever for fun has now turned into a part-time biz. Plus, Miami boutiques like Electric BoutiqueNikki’s Beach House & more have placed orders. You all know I love spikes so yes, I’m truly truly loving this arm candy. She’s on instagram as Charmdeliers which is the name of her company. She also has a FB page where you can place orders.

Photos Courtesy of Carli Pino/Charmdeliers


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