My Miami Street Fashion Shoot with Ann Taylor

This shoot was one of my most special ones because I got to collaborate with a brand that has been very close to my heart since I was a little girl and here’s why:

Growing up one of the stores my mother always shopped at was Ann Taylor. I remember being as young as 5-years-old going with her. I’d watch her gushing over the detailing on the clothes and the craftmanship. If the price was too much, she’d convince herself it was worth it. “It’s the type of clothes that will last you forever,” she’d say while modeling for herself in the fitting room mirror. My mother was born beautiful, but this clothes somehow transformed her into a sophisticated and elegant starlet instead of a young mom with four young kids running around. In high school, Ann Taylor was my go to spot for special occasions. Every single piece I kept, today is in mint condition and fetches compliments when I don it. My mother still shops at Ann Taylor and Ann Taylor Loft loyally (like every other week, but shh don’t tell my father). I, however, grew out of it over the years in search of more trendier items until a few weeks ago when I put together an NBC segment on Spring and Summer fashions and saw that the store did cater to my style. There were so many pieces I fell in love withfrom harem pants to neon baubles to cute clutches with hints of bold hues to drool worthy frocks and tops. The manager Rachel at Dadeland and her staff are awesome and helped me pick out the items. After all these years, Ann Taylor still manages to make feel a bit more posh and lady like while letting my personality peek out.

WHAT I WORE: Ann Taylor harem pants, belt and all jewelry ( courtesy of Ann Taylor), Issac Mizhari purse, 1960s vintage blouse made from lace brought from Cuba & designed by my beautiful grandmother Abuela Yuya’s cousin Titi, Steve Madden purple pumps.

A special thanks to Diana Peron, Andrew Taylor, Allison Brady, the Dadeland store staff and my amazing friend Karla Garcia for her beautiful photographs once again.


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