Chic Consignment Purses


I’ve always wanted to own a black beautiful Chanel bag. Today, I got to shoot with my dream purse and an Hermes bag, too. Eve-Sher, a luxe consignment boutique based out of Miami sells both of them and a slew of other name brand purses on their site for so much less than you’d get them at a regular store. (Talk about awesome!) There’s everything from Louis Vuitton, Roberto Cavalli, Christian Louboutin, Prada, Dolce & Gabanna, Christian Dior and lots of other labels in stock. Plus, they sell shoes and clothing, too.

Eve-Sher also has a really cool re-selling program for us business gals who like to make money. Basically, they assist us in selling our luxe goods that we no longer want. You know, that purse or pair of shoes that has just been sitting in the closet. Yup, you can actually make money off of it no matter how old it might be. Talk about investment! Check out more HERE or call owner Robin directly to get started at (305) 801-1019.




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60s Vibing at Bayside


I use to avoid wearing black. I thought it was so boring and now it’s like I can stop gravitating towards it. Like this head-to-toe all black look from Forever 21. It’s perfect for Fall. I love that it looks vintage and straight from the 1960s. I’m all about that era. The bell sleeves and the hem are so on point. I was kinda ify on the boots because they have a stiletto heel and I’m all about comfortable shoes these days, but they turned out to be easy on the feet.

Snapping these pictures at Bayside Marktetplace Pier was pretty cool, too.  It’s one of those spots you always whizz by in Miami, but never go to because it’s swarming with tourists, but on a weekday afternoon it’s different. It’s quiet and peaceful —especially when the sun is starting to set. It was a nice reminder as to why people from all over the world make it a must see shopping destination. xxTFP






Outfit: Forever 21 shift dress and boots, c/o Medusa purse

Photography: Andrea of Bellamente Photography

La Vaquita Visit in Vans


One thing I love about Fall in Miami is the dip in temperature. The other is wearing Fall clothes. This season I’m obsessed with plaid and cozy grey tops and Vans Fall collection is chock full of it. Though, I’m a pro at mixing prints, I gotta tell you, I wasn’t sure about combining chevron, plaid and leopard print together. Yet, they work so well together and in this “so very Miami” spot: Farms Stores which has come to be coined as “La Vaquita” by many Cuban refugees in the city which means “The Cow.” I guess because it was easier for them to go by the moniker instead of fumbling over the proper pronunciation in English. My grandparents called it this. Farm stores if you’ve never been has the best white powdered mini donuts and egg nog for the holidays. Hello! Sooo good. 

 Till next post xx TFP





PicMonkey Collage


Outfit :Sweatshirt, leggings, slip ons and bookbag c/o Vans. 

Photography: Mayleen Gonzalez

Getting to the Basics


Lately, I’ve been reaching for a much simpler wardrobe. I want “easy peasy” these days. I just want to get up, go and look put together. Fall is always extra busy for me. I travel a lot for work and have a handful of events so sticking to the basics really helps when I’m on the go. I love that the black & white trend is big this season. You can really mix and match with this trend and build a decent amount of outfits with it. It always looks chic especially when you add some fun accessories and a pop of red lipstick. I love Dolce & Gabanna’s Classic Cream shades.

I packed this look up for my NYC trip and wore it Saturday night for Bailey’s “Stylish Shots on the Go” tour to promote their newest and yummiest flavor: Chocolate Cherry.  I was styling New Yorkers in the Meat Packing District for the perfect selfie and giving them pointers on how to pose so it was a great work outfit. Come November 26, I’ll be doing the same in Miami’s Merrick Brickell Village so stay tuned for more deets. It’s gonna be amazing.There’s even a hair station and lipstick bar to get you bombshell ready before your picture. Till next post xxTFP







Outfit: Tee, vest, pants, hat by Forever 21, shoes c/o H&M, crystal dagger necklace c/o Lexi Jewelry, bookbag c/o Vans

Photographer: Andrea of Bellamente

Let Freedom Ring


If you’ve driven down Biscayne Bouelvard in Miami, you’ve seen Freedom Tower. At night, the building is hard to miss with its breathtaking beautiful changing lights. Everytime, I see this building I think of my parents. I try to imagine their 9-year-old selves without knowing any English walking into this building with just one change of clothes to start a new life in a new country without their parents. My little niece, Mia, is 8-years-old. I could not imagine her having to forgo such a stressful and painstricken move just for freedom. Yet, this is the story of thousands upon thousands of Cubans who now populate Miami including my family. They all entered through these doors in the 60s to early 70s and were processed and provided medical and dental services as their own country began to crumble under Castro’s regime. Sometimes it makes me sad to hear when celebrities like Jayz visit Cuba and then rap about smoking cigars with Castro or others like Jack Nicholson gush about the communist leader who has murdered and jailed hundreds. I mean I’m not just saying this because of my family back then, but of also today. There’s thousands of Cubans still trying to escape Cuba. They build rafts and risk their lives to come to Miami. Why would you want to hang out with someone who deprives people of their basic freedoms? During Hispanic Heritage month, Mayleen and I decided to shine a light on something that is so close to our hearts: freedom.  Freedom Tower is now open as a museum. 

MGP_3358 MGP_3327






OUTFIT: Top & dress custom-made by Miami designer Emma de Luna, necklace c/o Irdia.

Ready, Set, Target Style




Last Thursday, Target selected me to compete in a styling challenge called Ready, Set, TargetStyle in Miami’s Dadeland Mall. I have plenty of experience styling from fashion shows to teaching workshops to my personal clients so I thought, it would be a piece of cake.

Yet, what I didn’t know is that I’d have a total of six minutes to select an outfit and dress someone from Target’s new Fall collection all of which had to feature a crisp white button down shirt. Then, I’d have to present my looks to a panel of judges which included the beautiful Marie Claire editrix Zanna Roberts, Univison style expert Rodner Figueroa and Nany’s Kloset while a pack housed of spectators looked on. Six minutes? Can you imagine? Clearly, no woman gets ready in that amount of time. It takes me at least 20 minutes to pull something from my own personal closet. 

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Art Walking in Bird Road


In Miami, Wynwood has all the hype for their art walk and street art, but did you know there is another art district in Miami? Yup, it’s called the Bird Road Art District. I finally made some time to go check it out one morning with Mayleen and Alejandro. Nestled around some warehouses and commercial buildings. It took us a bit of driving around and dodging 18 wheelers whizzing by us on the street till we found it. On a long wall stretching out in a field strewn with garbage and weeds, stood a wall emblazoned with the words “Bird Road Art District.” There wasn’t much to it, but the surrounding street art alongside it was pretty incredible.

But, I did find out that on every 3rd Saturday of every month artists studios and galleries open their doors from 7-10 pm, to present their own exhibits. I totally want to check this out. The Miami New Times actually voted it number one art walk a couple of years ago. This Saturday, I’m checking out the Coconut Grove Art Walk. I’ll keep you posted on how it is. Anyway, enjoy. xx A








Outfit: Tee c/o Forever 21, Necklace c/o Iridia, Hat & Plaid tee Forever 21, The Closet Boutique leggings, shoes c/o Chiffino, bracelets c/o Liza Schwartz. 

Photos: Mayleen Gonzalez & Alejandro Fernandez

Hello, Autumn Harvest


Why are farmer’s markets always much more fun than going to the grocery store? I just love them. I don’t know why, but I really do enjoy sifting through boxes of fresh sweet smelling fruits and veggies in search of the perfect piece to take home with me. Yet, if you tell me I have to go to the grocery store, I’ll procrastinate as long as I can. I found a really cool farmer’s market in Coconut Grove called Glaser Organic Farms. Every Saturday from 10 to 7PM they set up camp on Grand Avenue underneath a canopy of  blue & white tents. Inside, this place is organic heaven. There’s everything: beans, herbs, all sorts of fruits and veggies, jams, sauces, spreads and a deli where you can get healthy made-to-order sushi, pizza, sandwiches and tacos. I even discovered a fruit I had never seen before called “Rambutan.” You can see more of it down below, but it’s the red hairy look fruit. Best part of this shoot aside from working with Andrea was seeing a box of  pumpkins peeking up at me and announcing the official start of autumn. Time to bring out the boots! 

xx TFP




This is the Rambutan fruit. If you peel it, it looks like an apple.










Outfit:  Top & hat c/o Forever 21, Blush boutique shorts, H&M shoes, DVF purse.

Photos by: Andrea of Bellamente Photography

Make up by: Cream in South Miami

Force of Nature


At first glance, it might look like I’m in some sort of lush forest somewhere in the outskirts of Miami on an adventure as I usually am. Yet, the truth is these photos were shot in Miami Beach’s Broken Shaker. Funny right? This is what I love about editorial shoots and how creatively you can make places appear much more beautiful than where you really might be.

About a month ago, Disfunksion magazine asked me to come out and shoot with them for an “Endless Summer” themed feature. These are some of the selects from that shoot which is set to come out in their October issue. I’m excited to see what they finally picked as their winning shot. I got to style myself for the shoot with the glossy’s partner: PacSun. I hadn’t shopped at that store since high school and I wasn’t sure I’d find anything that would suit my style, but PacSun is beyond amazing now. They’ve revamped their look to include everyday street wear for the gals just like what I’m wearing. My head-to-toe look is  from the Kendall & Kylie collection minus the jewelry which is a mix of vintage pieces. Till next post. xx A






Credits to the crew:

Magazine: Disfunkshion Magazine

Instagram: disfunkshionmag /// Facebook: ////Twitter: @DISfunkshion_

Editor-in-chief/Creative Director: Hugette Montesinos

Fashion Editor: Christina Horta /// Instagram - @cristinahorta_

Editorial Coordinator: Afroza Khan
Web - Instagram - @chistylista

Photographer: Janel Kilnisan
Instagram - @JanelKilnisan

Location: The Broken Shaker
Instagram - @FreehandMiami /// Twitter - @FreehandMiami /// Facebook -

Make-up artist: Evette Villanueva
Instagram - @env_makeupartistry /// Facebook - [ENVme] Makeup

Outfit: Pacsun
Instagram - @Pacsun /// Twitter - @Pacsun/// Facebook -

Jewelry: Rox House
Instagram: Rox_house///Facebook -

Miami, the “Magic City”


Do you believe in magic? In Miami, a lot of people actually do. At least, the countless botanicas dotting along the city’s neighborhoods makes it seem that way. Ever been inside of one? Well, for the 2nd installation of our Hispanic Heritage street style series, photographer Mayleen and I set out on a quest to visit a few of them— after all they are a prominent part of the culture down here. 

What we discovered was that each of them is unique in their own barrio or neighborhood. Although all of them carry a smorgasbord of candles, amulets, statutes, herbs and folk medicine, you’ll find some selling fresh plants or some also operating as part “pet store” with just chickens, roosters and doves for sale.  At times, you’ll stumble across some things you wish you wouldn’t of seen like miniature plastic babies or candles shaped like phallic symbols. One can only imagine what they are used for.  Yet, everyone and anyone frequents these small shops. Cute Abuelitas or grandmas amble inside in search of a new St. Lazarus statue or una veilita to light their prayers with. Power couples dressed to the nines and trendsetting youngsters often emerge in these shops nervously holding a paper scribbled with ingredients to concoct a spell a bruja or witch gave them. Sometimes these spells are to bring about money, a new love interest , a baby or find a cure for someone who is sick. Other times, what you hear will send chills down your spine. These are the types of spells that ebb from a lover’s revenge, an angry employee or a jealousy. It isn’t uncommon to see Santeria or offerings in the streets of the city. Drive around long enough and your bound to find a paper bag or two strewn across a lawn with the legs of a beheaded rooster or chicken protruding out. On beaches like Key Biscayne and Matheson Hammocks look close enough and you’ll unravel fruits and statues bobbing up and down in the ocean while soaked prayers wash up along the shore. Now maybe that’s why Miami is called the “Magic City” after all. Till next week xx A 









OUTFIT: Zara jumpsuit, Chiffino shoes, DVF bag.

Makeup in Miami


Have you seen Cosmo Español new beauty blogger section? One of the products I’ve been trying out for it and I’m excited to tell you about is L’oreal’s Youth Code Pore Vanisher. I have seen a dramatic improvement in my skin since I started using it weeks ago. My pores are smaller, I don’t use as much makeup and my skin looks hydrated. It was really amazing to see that this product delivered. Growing up in South Florida where it’s scorching hot and humid, it’s challenging to have flawless skin let alone keep your makeup from running. Yet, the pore minimizer is actually helping me to maximize my makeup’s longevity and make my face look smoother. After I wash my face, I apply a tiny amount to my palm and then spread throughout before putting on my concealer and BB cream. It stays on for hours and my skin looks and feels great. Check out more here:

Hope Changes Everything


Today is September 22. It’s a significant date in my life. Today, someone special came into my life and someone who inspired me also left. My little brother George was born today and my grandmother died today of cancer. It’s a mixture of emotions to feel, but in the end the strongest one I have is hope. Every year, I do a project that involves giving hope during the month of October and raising funds for breast cancer research.

This year, my project involves a special jewelry collection, I co-designed with my niece, The Petite Poet and jewelry company, TAudrey. The collection is part of our Lil Miss Miami line and  features 4 pieces all named after different areas in Miami: The Key Biscayne (a stack of 3 beaded bracelets with a gold flamingo), Bal Harbour ( 1 bracelet with a gold flamingo), El Farito ( A Beacon of Hope) necklace and A Homestead of Hope ring. The line is of course for women and children and starting today till October 31 anytime you purchase a piece of jewelry proceeds go to the Florida Foundation for Breast Cancer. 

Check out more of the pieces down below and mine and Mia’s shoot which was really fun. We did part of it in Wynwood and the other half in Coral Gables. Shop them here:










The Fashion Poet OUTFIT: Urban Outfitters vest & sunnies, Boohoo skirt, Chiffino shoes, and all jewelry is from our Lil Miss Miami BCA collection

The Petite Poet OUTFIT: Forever 21 jacket & jeans, Old Navy tee, Converse All Star high top. 

'And It Was All Yellow


So many of us in Miami, have been trying to find this eluding sunflower field after images of it and its coordinates surfaced on the internet years ago.I finally tracked it down a few days ago deep down in the Redlands and I had packed a change of outfit to shoot in just in case. Well, not just any clothes, but H&M’s new Fall collection which is pretty amazing. I spent forever trying to decide at the store what I wanted because the options are endless and I can’t believe I got these high-waisted jeans for under $20. They are a Cuban girls dream because they truly mold the body and make you look thinner. Even my boyfriend commented he loved them and he rarely pays a compliment on my wardrobe. My other favorite piece is this faux fur coat. It has that 70s vintage feel and I can’t wait for us to get a cold front to wear it. Well, if I had to pick one of the happiest photoshoots of my life, I’d have to say this one steps up to the category. I ran across the field screaming and flailing my arms at finding this chunk of heaven after a year of trying to locate it ( you can see the video on my insta). Seriously, it’s a magical experience to walk through rows and rows of sunflowers  towering over you and swaying in the wind while the sun is setting is as romantic as it gets.

To celebrate, my discovery and H&M’s new Fall collection. I have teamed up with them to give away lucky winner a $50 giftcard

To enter:

1.Repost image #5 on my Instagram with the hashtag #HMFallFashion to be entered. Good luck! Winners will be announced on 9/25/14







OUTFIT: Leopard crop top, highwaisted jeans, shoes, fur coat and rings c/o H&M’s new fall collection. 

PHOTOS: By Alejandro Fernandez

Que Pasa USA?


Hispanic Heritage month kicks off September 15 and to celebrate I’m dedicating a month long of posts about my Cuban culture with photographer Mayleen Gonzalez and what it means to grow up as the daughter of refugees in Miami.  

What better way to start than with Cuban food and Miami fixture “El Palacio de Los Jugos” aka The Palace of Juices. This spot is one of those Cuban eateries that truly reminds you that you are in Miami. Everything from the “Spanglish” signage to the row of Catholic saint figurines sitting on shelves at the foot of the menu to the fresh produce consisting of yuca, platanos and guava are all indicators of how South Florida is truly shaped by an island 90 miles away that many of us have never stepped foot on. Today, El Palacio de Los Jugos has 7 locations all scattered throughout the city. The original one opened up more than 20 years in the city’s Little Havana neighborhood. I like to come the Coral Way location which is close to my place. A visit for me here includes trying a fresh juice and some good ole’ carb feasting with ( Mariquitas, Fufu, Congri and Yuca. To check out this eatery click here:  Palacio de Los Jugos










OUTFIT: Lace top c/o Emma Luna, Closet Boutique pants, DVF c/o Sawgrass Mills mall, shoes c/o Chiffino Shoes.

PHOTOS: By Mayleen Gonzalez of

Listen to Your Art




One of the things a lot people don’t know about me is that I love the theater and I used to take acting classes growing up. My parents were really into the scene and the first time they took me to a play it was at Actor’s Playhouse which originally in Kendall and I fell in love. Back then the Coconut Grove Playhouse was open, too.Nowadays, the Arsht Center in Miami’s downtown is where locals head out to get their “theater on.” The center has three state-of-the-art theaters: Ziff Ballet Opera House,  Knight Concert Hall, and the Carnival Studio Theatre; There’s also a lounge and a full service restaurant called Prelude by Barton G.

This month is pretty exciting since on September 19-21 the 3rd annual Art Days weekend kicks off with 170 free events from an Andy Warhol exhibition to a community mural where you can put your creative touch to gallery tours, pop ups and parties. The Arsht Center is participating with an “I Love Lucy” event to kick off the live performance on September 19 from 6 to 9PM. There’s going to be live performances, sips, bites, classic cars from the Dezer Collection, Desi Arnaz photos and artifacts exhibit courtesy of History Miami and really neat: a pin up photo shoot and a “Look Like Lucy Contest.” To rsvp email: For more on art days check out: Downtown Art Days 






OUTFIT: Forever 21 Red dress and shoes c/o Sawgrass Mills Mall, Nameplate c/o Tres Sorrelle