“Lil Miss Miami” Makes it to Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Swim

Seeing your jewelry creation on the catwalk of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Swim 2015 on one of the biggest swimsuit designer’s collections sounds like a dream right? Well, it happened to me and my partners last night from the "Lil Miss Miami" collection. Our designs graced the necks of models in the  Luli Fama 2015 collection. 
I had tears in my eyes and wanted to yell from excitement. After months of trying to create a jewelry collection that celebrates the city and then having Luli Hanimian and her daughter love it so much to include in their show just a day before left me in awe.  In my head, all I could think was “God, thank you for this true blessing.” The Luli Fama line is made in Miami has been featured in Sports Illustrated to People Magazine and celebs such as Beyonce and models such as Alessandra Ambrosio. And guess what designer Luli Hanimian is Cuban like me and grew up in Miami. 
Shop here:  Lil Miss Miami and check out the rest of new swimsuit line which is amazing.

What I Wore: Ladylike Rocker Chic

Last night, I was all about wearing my Ramones tee to play tribute, but being that I was attending Mercedes Benz Fashion Week’s opening party, I had to look somewhat dressy. So I turned to local brand Kriado for this awesome yesteryear looking skirt. I love it because it has that vintage vibe and is polished enough to throw on a tee with it. 

Outfit: Skirt c/o Kriado, Forever 21 Ramones tee, Kate Spade purse c/o Sawgrass, Ninewest shoes, Fedora c/o Pretty Beachy 

Diving Into: Miami Swim Week, How to Really Survive It






Miami Swim Week officially starts tonight. My schedule which I just put together this (a.m.) is chockfull of events, runway shows and designer parties without a second to relax. Those of us in the industry here who have similar schedules refer to each other as #TeamNoSleep. We walk around with smiles on our faces pretending everything is cool, but deep down inside we are stressing the (bleep) out.  Many of us who are producing events wake up with migraines or we spend nights tossing in turning and trying to resolve issues we should’ve done earlier in the day. Don’t get me wrong, I rather be doing this then anything else for work especially since it’s our time to shine in the city, but in the end this is: work and hard work that leaves you in some sort of vegetable state for a day when it’s all done. When next Tuesday rolls around, my cellphone is turned off and I’m in bed trying to remember fragmented bits and pieces of the whirlwind that is Swim Week.  When it all starts everyone is in a great mood, fresh faced and glowing. Half way in, you see many tempers flaring. Perhaps exhaustion, heat and dehydration are the culprits, but watch out and read below on how to survive it.

Here’s my top 10 Miami Swim Week Survival Tips

  • Be polite, smile and say please and thank you with the people who are checking you in at an event as well as publicist. They work very hard and they are not your servant. 
  • Sit where your seat is. If you are assigned a seat. Stay there. Don’t try and move up and be so self entitled. You should be grateful to even be invited to the shows.
  • Don’t criticize shows or events on social media. For God’s sake, if you don’t like it keep your mouth shut. You learned this as a kid. Now you are an adult.
  • Stop trying to hate on the models and saying they aren’t pretty or they look bad. In reality, we all wish we could walk the catwalk.
  • Stay dehydrated. It’s hot, hot, hot outside. 
  • Watch your alcohol intake. There’s lots of free booze everywhere, but that doesn’t mean you can “act the fool.”  
  • Unless your a photographer, stop snapping a million and one photos at shows so you can post on social media and say you were there. Enjoy the show with your eyes not your phone.
  • Dress in light weight clothes, try up dos for hairstyles and bring blotting paper
  • Swap your brand new shoes for some that are just as nice and comfy but you don’t mind messing up. Many of tents are on the sand. Chances are they will. Yes, you can wear sandals.
  • Bring an umbrella for torrential downpours. They happen quite frequently. 

Photos snapped at Sheraton Fort lauderdale Beach Hotel

Outfit: Target Swimsuit, Vans sunnies, necklace c/o Cecilia Gonzales

Hair: c/o Beauty Schools of America. 

The Great “Escape”




I did this photo shoot a week ago with photographer Alexander Tamargo at the National Hotel in Miami Beach for a photo exhibit called “Our Summer Stories” I brainstormed for weeks about what to wear to how to pose to what fun cool props to use that would reflect my “305” hometown. I found cute pink flamingos and the biggest gator float ever (it’s bigger than me) The challenging part was:  finding the right swimsuit since I knew I had to stand in front of a team of 10 people. Oh boy, was I nervous. I know my flaws and I know how to hide them and to pose in more flattering positions, but I had never shot with such a big team in swimwear.  Hey, I obvi don’t have a rock hard figure and I’m far from that skinny model figure so you get me right? Anyway, I found the perfect suit at Forever 21 and I felt good in it. It had padding so it turned by AA’s to B cup. My big hips were minimized since it’s a high waisted cut and while, my big butt didn’t look smaller, it did look cute from behind and I felt confident. 

To see the photo exhibit check out Escape Miami 2 on July 19 during Miami Swim Week from 12 to 5PM.

OUTFIT: Forever 21 swimwear, Italia Independent Sunnies, sneakers c/o Superga & lil miss miami jewelry. 

Perfectly Imperfect & Chanel Bags


Do you think I’m fat? Well, I did this photo shoot for an amazing bag company called, EveSherFashion and after posting an image on instagram of a #bts I received an outpour of negative and positive reactions. Some people applauded my picture saying go “latina curves”, but then there were the other not so nice comments. I was called tacky, a whole lot of nothing, too thick and disgusting for some people who were all can you believe it women?!

 I was shocked. I felt some hurt and then anger and then well, I decided I have to speak against this type of bullying not only for myself but for all the other women out there who don’t have modelesque figures. Why do people feel compelled to say you’re too fat or too skinny. Shouldn’t the real focus be healthy and not if we have cellulite? Who are we to judge each other? Think about it. Before you point your finger look at yourself and then savor your own words before you speak them. 

As a teen I struggled with body conscious issues. I cried, I spent hours at the gym, I wrapped sweaters around my waist to hide my butt, I hardly ever wore shorts or skirts because I abhorred by legs. I said “I hated my body.” Why couldn’t I be skinny?. Then, I made it to 114lbs once my lowest weight for my frame. I was happy until then I got attacked for being too thin.  I became consumed caring too much about the exterior and what others thought for years. God, was I insecure. Then, my world got shaken. My grandma got sick and I watched her body shrink for weeks right before my eyes to cancer until she died. It was traumatic for me to see this strong Cuban woman morph into a body of someone unrecognizable. Yet. when I would touch her or hold her hand though she couldn’t speak. She made sounds to tell me she heard me. I realized during that time that our bodies  are only vehicles that one day will disappear. Our inner light is something stronger. That is the real us. That is the one who need to embrace with it’s imperfections. Insecurities are made up so don’t let anyone dull your light. 

Now, let’s look at some awesome Chanel bags that are on major discount from Miami company EveSherFashion


How gorgeous is this Chanel Bag on sale at  EveSherFashion?


Metallics are major this season and this Chanel purse works as crossbody bag, too. Get it on sale at EveSherFashion.


More gorgeous metallics that match with anything from prints to solids on EveSherFashion.


Chanel Bags are on sale at EveSherFashion

Swimsuit c/o Peixoto Swimwear

Peacock cover up c/o Kichu Wraps

Celebrating in Calle Ocho with “Our Collection”


Today,  is a very special day for us at TheFashionPoet.com. We are celebrating a major milestone with our first jewelry collection called Lil Miss Miami.” I love jewelry and I love my city so I thought why not create something unique to celebrate the colorful, fun and beautiful paradise we live in. After months and months of cultivating this labor of love with designer Tiffany Ortiz and my niece Mia aka “The Petite Poet”. Our  5-piece collection is now ready to shop. It’s for both women & girls of all ages. You can even personalize some of the piece.  Each pieces represents a special area in the city for us. There’s our Calle Ocho “Flamingo Necklace”, The Wynwood "Flamingo Double Ring," Collins and 3rd which has 3 charms an ”I Palm Miami” disc,  sunnies and a fresh water pearl. Then there’s our very special charm bracelet  Miracle Mile  which is elegant and playful for any age. It features a hematite stone for protection, an ocean wave disc for tranquility and a pink semi precious stone for love. I never take mine off. And last there’s the #305 name plate which every Miami gal needs.

See it here & Shop it:  www.Taudrey.com 


MGP_6259 (1)


MGP_6265 (1)

Our #305 Nameplate…Get it on www.Taudrey.com



Our Miracle Mile charm bracelet is so elegant and playful for any age. It features a hematite stone for protection, ocean waves disc for tranquility and a pink semi precious stone for love. 



OUTFIT: Skirt c/o Pretty Please Don’t Tell Shop, Dolce & Gabanna purse c/o EverSher, Ninewest Shoes.

Makeup: Charlene B. Makeup

Hair: Elaine Zel

Let’s Play Pool

MGP_1063 (1)

MGP_1054 (1)

I usually don’t suffer from FOMO, but is it me or does everyone I know have awesome plans for 4th of July? I mean I see peopIe posting about jet setting here and there. Did I miss the memo?  I don’t have Fourth of July plans like that at all. I think once I went to the Bahamas for it, but I’m kinda weird about traveling when everyone else is on vacay. Perhaps it’s my crowd anxiety. Well, if you’re not going anywhere either than join the club. I was planning on keeping it simple and walking over to Venetian Pool ( It’s a historic pool from 20s and it’s beautiful) going for a swim and then later trekking it to the Biltmore Hotel with a brew in hand to see the fireworks. Anyway, have a safe holiday! xx The Fashion Poet








OUTFIT: Swimsuit and sunnies c/o Forever 21, Zara jean shorts, Converse, Kate Spade bag c/o Sawgrass.

Makeup: Charlene B. Makeup

Hair: Hair by Elaine Zel 

Gap Beautifies New Store With Miami Instagrammers

Gap opened it’s new Lincoln Road store last Friday and to help beautify the store, 4 of the city’s top instagrammers were chosen. Their job was to digitally​ snap Miami’s fashion, l​ifestyl​e and scenic views. Today, their sqaured images have been turned into a breathtaking giant photo installation inside and outside of the store. It’s a must-see for l​ocal​s and tourists who rel​ish everything about the 305.

Here’s some of my favorite picks:

detail 1

detail 3


detail 5

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Gap Miami via Burst Media. The opinions and text are all mine.

"Lil Miss Miami": Sneak Peek



So it’s been months that I’ve been working on a capsule collection with my niece “The Petite Poet” and jewelry designer Tiffany Ortiz of T’Audrey. The name of it is "Lil Miss Miami" and of course, our inspiration is the 305 and everything that encompasses this city from the vibrant colors to the melting pot of cultures to palm trees waving "hello" in the wind to the ocean waves kissing our feet. We just shot our promo shoot this week with photographer Mayleen Gonzalez and I’m so excited to share with you two outakes. The collection launches next month and it’s for all ages.  Stay tuned for our pre-order date invite.    

Do You Vape?


StyIish celebs like Kate Moss and Katy Perry are “vaping” and in Miami, the “vaping” trend is having a major moment these days. One brand in particular is actually targeting fashionable women and has made an entire line of it including flavors like Rodeo Drive, Chanel inspired bags, necklaces and of course, bejeweled products. See how to win a free kit. 

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Gap Miami is re-opening their Lincoln Road store in Miami today. WooHoo! Yup, today, June 20th. This store is colossal. It’s two-stories and has women’s ( including GapFit and GapMaternity) as well as Men’s, GapKids, babyGap and GapBody. (See more pics of the new store)

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Summer Forever


One of the best parks in Miami is Coconut Grove’s Kennedy Park especially during the summer . It has some of the most beautiful views of the ocean. You often find amorous couples here enjoying a picnic in the sunshine (hint hint boyfriend if you are reading) while workout buffs jog, bike and rollerblade around the park’s trails. There’s also a doggy park where you can bring your pooch to run around in an enclosed space (I’ve brought Elmo here lots and he loves it).   Of course, no park is complete without families and there’s lots that come here to bond and have a good time. No matter what time of day there’s always denizens basking in this  beautiful green space. One of the draws at the park too, happens to be a man with a mobile frosted  lemonade truck called A.C.’s Icees. Can you believe it? They’re that delicious that locals beeline to get their hands on one of his flavors which consists of  lemonade, cherry/strawberry and pina colada. Sometimes you’ll see as many as 20 people in line waiting.  They really are one of the best. xx A






OUTFIT: Shorts & hat c/o Forever 21, Top c/o Pretty Beachy, Shoes c/o Mia Shoes, Bag c/o Hayden Reis.

HAIR: Hair by Elaine Zel

MAKEUP: Charlene B Makeup

Local Love - The Closet Boutique


The Closet Boutique is one of those mom & pop shops in Miami that has built a cult following and I’m one of those devotees. Besides the under $100 digs, coming here always puts me in a good mood. The staff has awesome energy and is ready to help you get the perfect look without being pushy. It kinda feels like your shopping with your besties. Recently, the store moved to a bigger location in South Miami from it’s original Bird Road brick and mortar. The new spot is even better. Check it out:

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Salt Water is the Best Medicine


Salt Water is the Best Medicine" this quote couldn’t be more true. Growing up in Miami, the ocean has been a place where I go to seek refuge and clarity either at sunrise or right before sunset.  Sometimes when my mind is overwhelmed with so much static and I feel a bit of sadness or confusion in my heart, I come here to think and meditate. I feel some sort of release especially when I submerge myself entirely. It’s almost like a cleansing of sorts. I’m kinda of obsessed with this mint slub shirt for that very reason. I’ve worn it like 3x already. I also haven’t taken off my moon necklace which Miami designer Gina Cueto sent me. It’s so pretty.(You can get a better look down below.) 




OUTFIT: WildFoxTopKaanas Slip Ons c/o Four Sisters 1 Closet, Mossimo shorts c/o Target, Moon necklace c/o Gina Cueto

Parks and Recreation


In Miami, one of the best parks to get a workout is at Kennedy Park in Coconut Grove. Besides the breathtaking ocean views, so many locals come here to exercise. You’ll always find denizens walking, running, challenging themselves with the park’s Vita Course and even doing their own “mini” bootcamps. Being around liked minds is really inspiring and motivating to get in shape for me. So I’ve been visiting the park to jog and to do strengthening exercises so I can tone up for summer.  Here’s of my go-to- lower body moves that work wonders especially for us latina girls. Not to mention, one of my favorite workout outfits from Zumba because of the prints. You know I love mixing and matching them. Check it out:

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