'And It Was All Yellow


So many of us in Miami, have been trying to find this eluding sunflower field after images of it and its coordinates surfaced on the internet years ago.I finally tracked it down a few days ago deep down in the Redlands and I had packed a change of outfit to shoot in just in case. Well, not just any clothes, but H&M’s new Fall collection which is pretty amazing. I spent forever trying to decide at the store what I wanted because the options are endless and I can’t believe I got these high-waisted jeans for under $20. They are a Cuban girls dream because they truly mold the body and make you look thinner. Even my boyfriend commented he loved them and he rarely pays a compliment on my wardrobe. My other favorite piece is this faux fur coat. It has that 70s vintage feel and I can’t wait for us to get a cold front to wear it. Well, if I had to pick one of the happiest photoshoots of my life, I’d have to say this one steps up to the category. I ran across the field screaming and flailing my arms at finding this chunk of heaven after a year of trying to locate it ( you can see the video on my insta). Seriously, it’s a magical experience to walk through rows and rows of sunflowers  towering over you and swaying in the wind while the sun is setting is as romantic as it gets.

To celebrate, my discovery and H&M’s new Fall collection. I have teamed up with them to give away

1.one lucky winner a $50 giftcard

To enter:

1.Repost image #5 on my Instagram with the hashtag #HMFallFashion to be entered. Good luck! Winners will be announced on 9/25/14







OUTFIT: Leopard crop top, highwaisted jeans, shoes, fur coat and rings c/o H&M’s new fall collection. 

PHOTOS: By Alejandro Fernandez

Que Pasa USA?


Hispanic Heritage month kicks off September 15 and to celebrate I’m dedicating a month long of posts about my Cuban culture with photographer Mayleen Gonzalez and what it means to grow up as the daughter of refugees in Miami.  

What better way to start than with Cuban food and Miami fixture “El Palacio de Los Jugos” aka The Palace of Juices. This spot is one of those Cuban eateries that truly reminds you that you are in Miami. Everything from the “Spanglish” signage to the row of Catholic saint figurines sitting on shelves at the foot of the menu to the fresh produce consisting of yuca, platanos and guava are all indicators of how South Florida is truly shaped by an island 90 miles away that many of us have never stepped foot on. Today, El Palacio de Los Jugos has 7 locations all scattered throughout the city. The original one opened up more than 20 years in the city’s Little Havana neighborhood. I like to come the Coral Way location which is close to my place. A visit for me here includes trying a fresh juice and some good ole’ carb feasting with ( Mariquitas, Fufu, Congri and Yuca. To check out this eatery click here:  Palacio de Los Jugos










OUTFIT: Lace top c/o Emma Luna, Closet Boutique pants, DVF c/o Sawgrass Mills mall, shoes c/o Chiffino Shoes.

PHOTOS: By Mayleen Gonzalez of PhotoBoutiqueInc.com

Listen to Your Art




One of the things a lot people don’t know about me is that I love the theater and I used to take acting classes growing up. My parents were really into the scene and the first time they took me to a play it was at Actor’s Playhouse which originally in Kendall and I fell in love. Back then the Coconut Grove Playhouse was open, too.Nowadays, the Arsht Center in Miami’s downtown is where locals head out to get their “theater on.” The center has three state-of-the-art theaters: Ziff Ballet Opera House,  Knight Concert Hall, and the Carnival Studio Theatre; There’s also a lounge and a full service restaurant called Prelude by Barton G.

This month is pretty exciting since on September 19-21 the 3rd annual Art Days weekend kicks off with 170 free events from an Andy Warhol exhibition to a community mural where you can put your creative touch to gallery tours, pop ups and parties. The Arsht Center is participating with an “I Love Lucy” event to kick off the live performance on September 19 from 6 to 9PM. There’s going to be live performances, sips, bites, classic cars from the Dezer Collection, Desi Arnaz photos and artifacts exhibit courtesy of History Miami and really neat: a pin up photo shoot and a “Look Like Lucy Contest.” To rsvp email: promotions@arshtcenter.org. For more on art days check out: Downtown Art Days 






OUTFIT: Forever 21 Red dress and shoes c/o Sawgrass Mills Mall, Nameplate c/o Tres Sorrelle

Under Construction Again


"Life imitates art far more than art imitates life"-Oscar Wilde. 

Do you believe we can predict our future without knowing we are? Somehow I think I did this through this vary blog shoot I snapped six months ago with Mayleen. What’s even more eerie is that I found these images tucked into a folder this week right in the middle of all these changes swirling around me. My life is seriously in an “under construction” zone with a lot of career and personal changes happening. It’s an exciting time and yet scary time for me because while change is good. It’s not easy.

It’s weird to say, but I woke up a few weeks ago and realized I had to do something different for me. I was putting too much energy into things that I didn’t feel passionate about anymore and were actually draining me instead of energizing me. I finally began to say “no” to things which was so liberating and I’m even skipping out on the Spring shows this September to really focus on the bigger picture. What’s helping me the most is really getting my feelings on paper and talking to others and getting their input. Sometimes people see things in you that you don’t necessarily see yourself and it truly helps. Till Saturday. xx The Fashion Poet

MGP_7111 copy




OUTFIT: Wildfox top, Bloomingdales skirt, Converse, Vintage bag

Mystic Pizza


Down a busy Bird Road in a Miami suburb saturated with retail giants stands one of my most favorite places to eat: Frankie’s Pizza. In fact, if I had to pick my last meal: it would be hands down: cheese pizza from here. It’s hard to believe, it’s one of the last mom and pop shops of yesteryear in the suburb of Westchester. Growing up here, there used to be so many more. This spot has actually been here since 1955 and denizens still to this day will travel miles and miles just to sink their teeth into what many of us deem as the “best pizza” in the 305. 

Back then and still today, Frankie’s doesn’t deliver. If you want their pizza, you gotta make the drive the old school way. They also don’t take credit cards (don’t worry there’s an ATM inside). Dining here, also isn’t a piece of cake, there’s just a few stools inside or you can take your slice or pie and make your way to the back patio to dine under the stars. Yet, the simplicity of it all, I find utterly romantic. I’m not fancy. Believe me, when I wasn’t eating Frankie’s I was stuck eating the cheapest frozen grocery store bought pizza you can imagine. I had to literally squeeze ketchup over it to make it taste better. You know Totino’s? Yeah, the struggle was real.







OUTFIT: The Closet Boutique, Kate Moss tee & Shredded Leggings, Nine West red pumps, Kendall & Kylie Pac Sun hat,  Liza Schwartz bracelets. 

Back Home in Westchester


Lately, I’ve had a pang of nostalgia creep up in my heart. I’ve been yearning to revisit familar spots of yesteryear that I grew up around. A few weeks ago, I drove to Frankie’s Pizza and today, I made my rounds at Arbetter Hot Dogs. I have a lot of good memories coming here as a kid with my family.

Has this ever happened to you? You know a sudden urge to connect with things of your past?

I guess I’m trying to remember what made me happy before and what I want now. I’ve been doing some major soul searching on the direction I want to go creatively with work. There are some things I just don’t enjoy so much anymore  and other projects I want to pursue. And just coming here put me at ease. I love the simplicity of the spot. It’s mom and pop vibe and of course the good food. I remember the first time, I sunk my teeth into a chili dog. It was like the heavens opened up. Ha and don’t get me started on their cheese fries. Best in town for real.

*Now scroll down so you can see a bit more of my favorite tees from Ohm Boutique and vintage to-die for Dolce and Gabanna bag. The bag was a total steal from local online shop Eve-Sher. It’s amazing for buying pre-loved couture goodies and for selling yours on it too. So you can make some more shopping money! Consignment is seriously a great way to update your wardrobe. hotdog4



OUTFIT: Miami Homies tee from Ohm Boutique, Forever 21 plaid shirt and hat, Dolce and Gabanna purse from Eve Sher.  and 305 necklaces from Lil Miss Miami.

Bienvenido a Miami



Welcome to Miami! I’m so happy. Today, marks one month that our Lil Miss Miami line launched online and it is officially hitting stores around the city. 

The capsule collection was created to make something cute and cool that truly represented Miami pride and to also give tourists something tangible that really wasn’t a T-shirt or mug.  It took me a year to really pursue this idea. Sometimes, we are scared of failure and I think that’s what holds us down or we get frustrated because we don’t know how to do it. I was a little bit worried to venture into unknown territory. Yet,  I thought what do I have to lose? The answer was nothing. I can tell you that I often toil with things in my head and it’s not until I just leap and go for it that it happens. I partnered with the best team ever: my niece, Mia because the jewelry is also for kids and Tiffany of TAudrey whose a seasoned designer in the city.  Together, we bounce off one another creatively and I can’t wait to show you what we have lined up for our holiday line. Shop it HERE





OUTFIT: Lil Miss Miami Jewelry, Pretty Please Don’t Tell Skirt & Steve Madden Shoes

Makeup: Charlene B. Makeup & Hair: Elaine Zel 

Ride or Die Chick: Why We Need Girlfriends


Are you a "Ride or Die" chick? Do you have a "Best Bitch”? Is an entourage like in Sex-in-the City more of your thing? Having girlfriends is really important. I don’t care if you think you found your best friend in the opposite sex or if your in a relationship with the man of your dreams, you need your hoes for the kinda stuff a man won’t ever understand because he’s simply not one of us. I’m not talking time of the month only either. I’m saying for practically everything. We need a women’s perspective. We need their opinion, guidance, their jokes, advice, strength and support. In the last, year I’ve had 3 of my soul sisters move to different cities and even countries. I’ve had to make new friends. Through it, I’m relearning why having girlfriends is the best thing any woman can have in their life and why we should never take friendships for granted.


 When you find a friend who is going to tell you the truth. She’s  a Ride or Die”… My last bestie moved this April. I was attached to the hip. I pushed her to move to further her career, too. But I’m not gonna lie, I cried. She got me through a tough break up. She taught me to toughen up a bit and to take chances on my blog to change my look and to expose myself through words and images that weren’t safe for me. She was straight up with me and told me things I didn’t want to hear, but were the truth.

When you find a friend who is going to support you and pick you up when you’re falling. She’s  a "Ride or Die"…It was the same feeling when I recently got a surprise visit from my girl after not seeing her for almost a year. I was elated to spend time with her, but so sad to see her go. We spent hours talking just like if nothing had changed. Four years ago, she told me to quit my job and start a blog. She taught me how to put together a killer event. She armed me with confidence. She chiseled away at my shy shell. She showed me the ropes. She believed in me when none else did. If someone hurt me, she defended me. We shared intelligent conversations and we were there for each other. I remember one time she came to pick me up and I was going through a depression. I was dishelved and a total hot mess, but she dragged me out and talked me back to life. Her loyalty was unlike no other. 

When you find a friend who you can bond with about the same things we go through.  She’s a "Ride or Die." Then there’s my BFF wholooks more like a model than stylist. She made me more spiritual. She taught me to manifest my dreams. To meditate, to pray and really look within myself and see what I wanted in life. She pointed out my weaknesses while helping me bandage them, but taught me that in order to lose them, I had to change. We confided in one another in our doubts, our scars from past experiences and we cried to one another about our fears. 


Now these days, I’m relearning to foster new friendships with others. I keep in touch with my besties, but being that we are in different cities makes it a bit challenging. Though I know a lot of people, I’m very choosy about who I let into my life on a personal level. Being in the blogger world, you begin to see that not all women are created equally. Some chicks are catty, others you just don’t mesh well with and a lot of the times they want to use you to move up. In this new phase, I’m discovering the art of making friends and it’s amazing to bond with other girls. In the end, many of us do share the same fears, have the same insecurities and want the same things.  The other day, a few of us went to catch the YSL flick and then we grabbed drinks after and had some real great laughs talking about exes and the dating world. It was fun.

During an out-of-the blue breakfast with another friend, I ended up learning how much a like we are in character to our dating trials with men. It felt good to bond and open up with someone. 


In this tough world, it sometimes might feel like we are traveling alone or what we are going through no one might understand, but it’s not true. Some other woman somewhere else is going through it too. We are human so we all go through similar experiences. Life is much better with women who can be like sisters to us. So reach out to that girl at work or acquaintance and invite them out. You never know, they just might be the best friend you never had.



OUTFIT: Top c/o The Closet Boutique, Forever 21 bottom, Lil Miss Miami jewelry, Kaanas c/o 4 Sisters1Closet

A Miami: Sugar Shack


Every time, I drive by Coral Way, I see this tiny food truck parked underneath an overpass. Sometimes it sits there lonely hiding in the shade from the scorching summer heat and other moments locals make a beeline for a lunch bag sized of churros. This sweet dessert isn’t fancy by any means. In fact, it’s just fried dough that’s shrouded in sugar. There’s so much sugar, you have to use the bag to shake it around.

Yesterday, my curiosity caved in. I wanted to know more about this loner food truck that wasn’t somewhere like Wynwood where most of them tend to post up. I pulled over. An old Cuban man was helming the operations and he had customers lined up who had just gotten off work. From original to guava, chocolate and dulce de leche, there was options and all for $3.  We tried them all. They were piping hot, fresh and delectable. These were the original churros, I remember savoring as a kid. The ones my grandfather would buy us off street vendors. The old man told us he truck was named “Churro Maria” after his wife Maria, but there was no signage saying so. He also said he has a Facebook page, but I haven’t been able to find one. All I can tell you is that this pop up is a must-try and it’s situated on the corner of Coral Way a few feet from the Stay America hotel (298 SW 15th Road) and is there Monday-Friday from 2 to 7:30pm. 



OUTFIT: Skirt c/o Target, Top & Hat c/o Pac Sun, Denim c/o Gap.

She Speaks to Me in Waves: A Poem


I’ve been getting requests to include more of my poems on here. This is about what I’m feeling right now and how I’ve been coping with it. I tend to retreat to the ocean a lot when I have inner turmoil. I like to go really early or late so I can be by myself and get clarity there. At the moment, I’m going through some changes and trying to find answers. Change is positive, but it can sometimes make us anxious of the unknown so it’s about that. But I hope you enjoy the poem. I think through metaphors a lot. xx-The Fashion Poet

She Speaks to Me in Waves 

I go to the ocean for clarity and counsel

She speaks to me in waves

At times pushing and pulling me in

Her words aren’t what I always want to hear

But they are the truth

Not like sandy shells that you press up against your ear

That speak in secret muffling

My mind right now feels so full

A soup boiling and ready to seep out and scorch the skin

A television screaming in static

A  swarm of bees buzzing

Buzz Buzz Buzz

Have you heard this before in your head?

I’ve been trying to drown it out 

Stepping deep into her

Holding my breath and watching the bubbles

Rise up to the top and 

Pop Pop Pop

If only this feeling could dissipate

Just like that

Her arms cradle me and calm me and clean me

I let my salty tears become one with her

She wipes them away

And I step back into the shore

A little better.







Outfit: Forever 21 swimsuit, ”lil miss miami” jewelery 

Hair: Hair by Elaine Zel

Makeup: Charlene B Makeup 

Balancing Act


Today, I woke up with the need to be outdoors and exercise by the ocean.  Life has been a bit hectic these days and I’m trying to sort out some stuff that’s been stressing me out. My good friend, Charlene, suggested I take up yoga again to help me feel better. I took her advice and practiced a bit by the ocean today. Just feeling the sun on my skin and breathing in the smell of the sea made me feel this sense of gratitude.

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Catch My Thrift


Whenever I’m in the mood for some fashion adventure, I go thrifting. It excites me to hunt over aisles and aisles of hand-me-downs in search for a gem that will cost me 80 percent off it’s original price. Plus, every thrifting trip is different which means one day you may come out winning with tons of items and on another you’ll just find one really good piece to treasure.

Now that Back-to-School shopping is on everyone’s mind as is what’s trending for Fall, hitting a thrift store is always a great alternative to get some cheap, but chic finds. Don’t believe me? I headed out to one of my must-stops in the 305: ”Red, White and Blue” which has a good rep for being chockfull of designer goods, vintage and name brands. On recent trips, I’ve scored some good threads and jeweIry. Yet, this time around it was a great shoe day with everything from Miu Miu to Prada to Manolo Blahniks. The denim section was good, too. I found some Paige Premium Denim and Levi’s. There was also this flamingo book end which I wanted to get but it was the wrong shade of pink. Now that I think about it, I could’ve just painted it hot pink. That’s another awesome thing about thrifting you can can always do awesome DIY transformations on anything you get. 

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My Staycation: Saved Me


I’ve been on a "staycation" the last few days on South Beach and though this might seem less as exciting than an exotic trip to another country. "Staycationing" turns out to be one of the best things I’ve done to recharge my body, mind and spirit. A few days ago before I snapped these photos, I checked into the W Hotel South Beach, looking haggard, feeling grouchy and well, I was about to get my period so you can imagine how great I was feeIing. I had squeezed out my last drop of energy at Miami Swim Week. Between launching a jewelry line to producing a major event and hosting quite a few while balancing my blog work sucked me dry. This of course, was the culmination of pushing myself daily over the last 3 months.

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Maaji Makes “Mommy & Me” Chic

In Miami, the “mommy & me” trend is popular. So my niece and I decided to check out another brand that has tapped into the fad, Maaji Swimwear. We we’re very impressed with it. Why? Easy. Hands down this Colombian brand is one of the best as far as feel. The fabric is so soft and doesn’t dig into the skin. Neptunes Boutique has this suit and other Maaji Swimwear marked off 30 percent in case you’re interested. Shop HERE


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One Suit, Two Girls, and How to Wear It

Us Vazquez, girls teamed up again to do another post together. This time around we tried out some “mommy and me” swimwear from Neptunes Boutique in Miami. Owner Joan, is pretty awesome about stocking her shop with cool form flattering brands. I wasn’t sure about the “matchy matchy” suit thing. Wasn’t this on the cheesy side? Yet, I stayed mum and tried it out of sheer curiosity. We went for a Pily Q suit which turned out to be everything and more from fit to pattern to the versatility of being able to wear to the beach and off shore. I mean the possibilities to wear it as street wear are endless ( think cut offs, black jeans, a skirt, leggings. I can go on). But, nothing was cooler than seeing Mia’s face when she saw me walk out wearing the same suit as her. She was beaming from ear to ear. Now, what’s better than that? Well, the fact that you can get this suit and any Pily Q one on sale for 30 percent off from now till next Wednesday. Check it out. HEREannieannie1.jpg


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